Why do many dune projects contain a Makefile?

Many dune projects contain a toplevel Makefile. It is often only there for convenience, for the following reasons:

  1. there are many different build systems out there, all with a different CLI. If you have been hacking for a long time, the one true invocation you know is make && make install, possibly preceded by ./configure
  2. you often have a few common operations that are not part of the build and make <blah> is a good way to provide them
  3. make is shorter to type than dune build @install

How to add a configure step to a dune project?

The with-configure-step example shows one way to do it which preserves composability; i.e. it doesn’t require manually running ./configure script when working on multiple projects at the same time.

Can I use topkg with dune?

It’s possible using the topkg-jbuilder but it’s not recommended. dune-release subsumes topkg-jbuilder and is specifically tailored to dune projects.

How do I publish my packages with dune?

Dune is just a build system and considers publishing outside of its scope. However, the dune-release project is specifically designed for releasing dune projects to opam. We recommend using tool for publishing dune packages.

here can I find some examples of projects using dune?

The dune-universe repository contains a snapshot of the latest versions of all opam packages depending on dune. It is therefore a useful reference to search through to find different approaches to constructing build rules.